Internet marketing

Are you getting tired of running your business because of a lack of customers? Many people are struggling with this.
The problem is the lack of usage of effective Internet marketing activities.
Write to me and let's discuss how to implement modern communication methods to increase your company's revenue.

Why are internet marketing services a must-have for modern advertising?

According to Forbes magazine, 82% of customers look for information about products or services on the Internet - competent use of Internet marketing tools will make customers choose your offer.

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Specific actions that will attract dedicated customers to your business

Online marketing covers a broad list of activities whose main goal is to increase company sales. Apart from typical sales activities, digital marketing is not pushy — but skilfully conducted leads to a situation in which buying customers perceive your company as their good friend.

Pricing for a website starts at 499 PLN!

Get a free price estimation for your website. I will contact you within 48 hours and present you my offer.

What can I help you with?

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One of the areas of internet marketing is improving the visibility of a website in Google. Together with our partners, we ensure that our clients' websites achieve the highest positions in search engines. Find out more about my website positioning offer.

Presence in social media is a key component of communication activities of every modern company. Properly handled activities will allow you to build a group of dedicated users who communicate with your brand, as well as increase sales.

Content marketing is an essential part of building your company's online presence. You cannot skip this form of marketing. I work with experienced editors and content marketers who will prepare a complete content strategy for you, as well as help you implement it, which will positively affect the growth of your brand awareness.

Email marketing is considered by most marketers to be the most effective way to advertise a business. If you want to seriously work online, it is essential that your business communicates via email. I will implement a complex email strategy for your company.

Internet advertising is a tool the effects can be seen immediately. If you are just starting to promote your business or advertising activities — on Facebook or Google — adverbs are a must for your marketing efforts. My agency will carry out campaigns for you, which will result in impressive profits.

FAQ about Online Marketing

My agency implements marketing projects in a complex way - from the planning and analysis stage, through implementation, to measuring the effects. Experienced specialists with whom we work have a broad knowledge of the world of Internet marketing, and this ensures that we always successfully perform activities for our clients.

No. You cannot be a specialist in everything. I am primarily responsible for building modern websites and optimised online shops to maximise conversions. Other marketing activities are carried out by people with whom I have been cooperating for years. 

Yes, if you fill in the contact form, I will get to know your business needs better. This will be the first step towards creating a complete action strategy that will promote your business online and attract loyal customers.

I do not give it on the website because I always set individual prices based on the actual needs of a particular company. When pricing, the most important thing is the range of services provided.

Modern website

Remember that a website is not just about pretty pictures. Your priority is the convenience and ease of use, as well as being optimised for Google. Don't waste your time, let's talk now about a website that will be a professional showcase of your business.