PageSpeed site optimisation - improving site performance and UX

If your website is running slowly, you can forget about high positions in Google search results. The search engine developers are putting even more emphasis on technical optimisation from July 2021. PageSpeed is therefore a priority for any website owner who wants their site to appear high in search results.

Remember that a slow website means a loss for your business. As many as 40% of users leave websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load! Your company cannot afford such a loss.

Why is PageSpeed optimisation so important?

Mostly, when it comes to effective SEO, the focus is on valuable content and acquiring links from trusted sources. Technical optimisation is pushed into the background. This is a mistake that has a high price tag for website owners.

In fact, PageSpeed is one of Google's key ranking factors. Besides, modern internet users are impatient. If yours is slow, customers will leave it and go to the competition.

Three reasons why you must have a well-optimised website:

Higher positions in Google search results

Professional search engine optimization will help you dominate the position in Google search results. If you want customers to come to you from a search engine, your website cannot be average.

Conversion increase

As I mentioned above - having a faster website means more users will browse your site. And since more users are browsing your site with interest, the chance they will become your customers also increases.

Ensuring that your server can handle the increased traffic

When more users visit your website, you may find that technical issues negatively affect the performance of your server. My optimisation methods will help you avoid server overload.

optymalizacja pagespeed wydajnosc stron www

Core Web Vitals: you must know what it is

Google is constantly trying to improve the experience of users using the internet. The search engine developers do not want to promote poor quality sites. To this end, they introduced in mid-2021 a key change to their algorithms commonly known as a Core Web Vitals.  

Core Web Vitals consists of 3 metrics that are key search engine ranking factors.

A metric for how long it takes for the main area of a page to load and be ready for user interaction. The shorter the LCP, the better for your site.

This indicator checks for the presence of visual movement during page loading. You're familiar with it when you click a button that jumps a few tens of pixels down when the page reloads.

It is an indicator that measures the time that passes between a user action, such as clicking a button, and the browser's readiness to respond to that user action.

Is your page correctly optimised according to Google?

Test your site with Google's free optimisation tool PageSpeed Insights.

If your result is unsatisfactory, write to me. I will make your website a real Ferrari in Google's eyes among your competitors' websites.


I don't want to brag, but after the optimisation I have done, PageSpeed Insights (Google's technical page evaluation tool) is showing the highest scores.

The proof is below.

Before optimisation

samart przed optymalizacja pagespeed gtmertix webpagetest
samart gtmetrix przed optymalizacja
samart webpagetest przed optymalizacja

After optimisation

samart optymalizacja pagespeed gtmetrix webpagetest szybka strona kwiatu dev
samart gtmetrix po optymalizacji
samart webpagetest po optymalizacji

Before optimisation

pagespeedinsights wynik 16
gtmetrix e
webpagetest przedoptymalizacja

After optimisation


Before optimisation

fansportu wynik 8 pagespeedinsights przed optymalizacja

After optimisation

fansportu wynik 86 pagespeedinsights po optymalizacji3 e1628084527399

Before optimisation

wyspadzieci przed optymalizacja pagespeed
wyspadzieci przedoptymalizacja pagespeed 2

After optimisation

wyspadzieci optymalizacja pagespeed po optymalziacji

Before optimisation

bartekgasior przed optymalizacja pagespeed

After optimisation

bartekgasior optymalizacja pagespeed po optymalizacji

Before optimisation

biones przed optymalizacja gtmetrix
webpagetest edited

After optimisation

wynik pagespeed po optymalizacji biones
gtmetrix po optymalizacji biones
webpagetest po optymalizacji biones 2 edited

What is included in my offer?

A full technical optimization of a website includes a long list of tasks to be completed. Since not every site requires every point to be completed, the early audit allows me to determine what steps will be needed to achieve the highest optimization results on your page.

You should know that I am always focused on the goal. No matter how much work is needed, I aim for the highest scores on the PageSpeed Insights test.

Prices for search engine optimization start from 799 PLN!

Would you like your website to enjoy this result too? Book a free meeting to get started on optimising your website.

FAQ about PageSpeed optimalization

There are no identical jobs. Each website is different. Each requires a different set of actions, so first of all I invite you for a free analysis of your website. Such an inspection will allow me to determine in detail the range of work and its valuation.

Being punctual is the most important value for me. Before I start optimising a website, I agree with my clients on a specific date when the website will be perfectly adapted to Google's needs.

I can take care of everything from A to Z. All I need is access to the site, the server it is hosted on, as well as the database.

If you want a VAT invoice, I can do it through It works like this: gives you a VAT invoice and they settle with me by means of a work contract. takes a small commission and automatically calculates and pays the tax.

A second option that will allow you to discharge costs from the commissioned service may be a contract of mandate. As I am under 26 and a student, you can forget about social security contributions and tax.

Modern website

Remember that a website is not just about pretty pictures. Your priority is the convenience and ease of use, as well as being optimised for Google. Don't waste your time, let's talk now about a website that will be a professional showcase of your business.