SEO service (positioning)

You are visiting this page because you want your website to appear high in Google search results. You are in the right place - I know how to help you. I will assist you in implementing SEO actions on your page. This way, customers will find your business online and you will not have to spend money on advertising.

Remember that 80% of online shopping starts with research using Google - it will be good if customers find your website from a search engine.

Why is SEO so important?

Google takes as many as 200 factors into consideration when choosing which pages to display at the top of the search results page. The creators of the search engine want to present the potential user pages, which meet his expectations. In addition, Google needs to be sure that the pages it presents in the search results are trustworthy.

This is where the space for the SEO specialist appears.

What can I help you with?

My offer includes complex SEO activities — both on-site SEO and offsite SEO.

I will analyse your business opportunities, needs and goals in the context of SEO, then develop a strategy to get the most targeted traffic from Google.

Knowing the key phrases for which your website should appear in Google, I will prepare a complete content publication plan. I will prepare texts optimised for both the user and the Google search engine.

I know how to make your website work fast and technically correct. I have been involved in technical optimisation for years and as a result my clients' websites are very highly rated by search engine robots.

The key element of SEO actions is gaining links from external sites leading to your website. I will suggest actions in the area of link building that will translate into an increase in the authority of your website.

I will perform a complete search of your website by checking how Google ranks it, looking at your competition.. This will allow me to determine effective action.

15 reasons why your business needs good SEO

  • Free search is usually the main source of website traffic
  • SEO builds trust and reliability
  • SEO is the best way to understand your customers
  • Good SEO means better user experience
  • Local SEO means more engagement, website traffic and higher conversions
  • SEO has a positive impact on the customer purchases
  • SEO is relatively cheap and very beneficial
  • SEO is good for PR
  • Positioning is a long-term strategy
  • Actions are easily measurable
  • SEO opens up new possibilities

Don not wait — email me and let's talk about SEO for your website.

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FAQ about positioning

The Google search engine is the number one source of knowledge for most users. Everyone who wants to learn more about a topic or make a purchase always (or almost always) starts their search with Google. This means that your website can draw a lot of free movement. This is why SEO is a priority for every website.

It all depends on the current situation of the site. You need to think about what actions are necessary to achieve your goals. The first step is to complete an SEO audit, which will answer the question of how much work needs to be done to achieve the goal.

SEO is not a sprint. Positioning activities should be seen as a marathon. If you want quick results, it is a good idea to run advertising and SEO activities in the same time. Then you can be sure that your business is already making money and SEO is working all the time for your company's future position in Google.

Modern website

Remember that a website is not just about pretty pictures. Your priority is the convenience and ease of use, as well as being optimised for Google. Don't waste your time, let's talk now about a website that will be a professional showcase of your business.